Tuesday, 12 July 2011

“A professional nurse, with special knowledge and skills, and a client in need of nursing, with knowledge of self and perception of personal problems, meet as strangers in natural environment. They interact mutually, identify problems, establish and achieve goals”

The Reason Behind Advocating The Goal Attainment Theory

In every life situations, there are goals that are meant to be achieved. Goals that will define what we have become and what will become of us. These Goals are necessary for our personal growth that will contribute to the development of our society.

In health care setting, health care professionals are the ones that foresee the current situations that their patients are in, objectively. While the patients also have their own perceptions and understanding, subjectively, as to their needs. Both parties are looking at the same situation but their perception varies according to their beliefs as well as their knowledge and life experiences. It is the responsibility of the health care professionals to help their patients to meet their needs holistically. In Goal Attainment theory of theorist Imogene King, in order to meet the patient's needs that deviates his/her condition, goals are formulated uniquely for every patients, by mutual understanding between the patient and the nurse, who is the health care professional that works closely with patients. In this theory, it is very clear that it is the patient's right to participate in their health care, therefore they are entitled to an acquisition of adequate information regarding their condition and health. And it is the nurse's role to provide this information to them which will make it possible for mutual goal setting that will result in attaining these goals. It is necessary for nurses to develop social knowledge and skills needed that will enable for this kind of interaction to happen. In time, nurses acquire these as a result of their combined experiences and learning. King personally said that, "If the student's can't do the fundamentals, how can they use advance knowledge?". This is vital to learning any disciplines. As one goes further in their studies, the whole picture will not be emphasized without understanding the details and particular aspects first. These fundamentals are the very foundation needed for the successful nurse-client interaction.

King's Goal Attainment Theory reflects a "personal touch" within it. Nurses continuously communicates with patients for the exploration of the perceived problem, developing an interaction towards a mutually agreed upon goals. These goals will be achieved by the patient through the help of a nurse, that will restore the patient's health and will later on result for the patient's ability to function and maintain optimum health.

These are just few interesting points of Imogene King's Goal Attainment Theory which captured the nursing within our group. We believe that an efficient nursing care is a product of combined efforts of the nurse and the patient that will identify future outcomes towards the development of health.

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